What is Managed IT Support and why is it better?

Adopting a more proactive approach to your IT support can improve the performance, reliability and security of your systems. We discuss the benefits of managed IT support over a break-fix model.Most businesses recognise that without reliable and connected technology, they will struggle to work effectively. Despite this, many businesses are still reluctant to invest in appropriate levels of IT support. We explain the differences between Break-Fix versus Managed IT Support, and why the latter is not always cost-effective.

Break-Fix IT Support

As suggested in the name, this model refers to the practice of contacting your IT support when you have a problem. This is a reactive approach which waits for something to break, to subsequently fix it. Because of its reactive nature, the break-fix model often results in more downtime, lost opportunities and higher unexpected costs. Consequently, it is widely accepted that this break-fix model is now outdated and ineffective.

Managed IT Support Services

The alternative option is managed IT services. This is a proactive approach whereby your IT needs are managed by an IT company. The common goal is to make your network as stable and reliable as possible. Managed IT support services offer businesses complete peace of mind. From remote and onsite support to proactive network management, you have the reassurance that your systems are well looked after. The services offered within managed IT support may vary across IT providers. Here at PCR Connected, we include:

  • Unlimited remote IT support and access to our service helpdesk
  • 24/7 proactive server monitoring and management to detect issues early before they impact your business
  • Proactive infrastructure maintenance, including managing firewalls and installing the latest software releases
  • Patch management to install the latest security patches and bug fixes to protect your systems across a wide range of vendor software
  • IT security through regular antivirus and malware scans to monitor against outside threats
  • Management of user access, new accounts, password resets and folder security
  • Strategic advice and recommendations to get the most from your technology
  • Tailored onsite presence on a regular or call off basis included

 Which option is right for you?

Businesses that are less dependent on technology may survive on a break-fix model. These businesses however are decreasing as staff work more flexibly and demand 24/7 availability and accessibility. Moreover, with growing cyber threats, ensuring your systems are monitored, well managed and secure will only increase in importance. By adopting a more proactive approach, you can improve the performance, reliability and security of your IT systems. You can reduce downtime by identifying and resolving issues before they become a problem. It can also be more cost effective as you will not incur additional charges for elements outside the break-fix model. To discuss your requirements and the most appropriate level of IT support for your business, please get in touch.


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