91% of all cyber-attacks start through email. An attack can cause devastating consequences, not only in terms of compromised systems, but also data loss, reputational damage and fines.

With the cost of breaches on the rise, protecting your business has never been more important. Email attacks are increasingly sophisticated as cyber-criminals use impersonation tactics and social networking sites to target users with emails that appear from individuals or organisations they know. These attacks, often referred to as social engineering attacks, like spear-phishing and whaling, are highly successful and difficult to detect.

We recommend the advanced protection offered by Mimecast Email Security Services. As a Cloud-based service, Mimecast sits at the gateway to your systems, providing always-on protection and ensuring all threats are removed before they reach your network.

With a dedicated offering for Microsoft 365, you can protect against targeted threats using a solution that integrates perfectly with your email system.

Key Features of our Email Security Services

With Mimecast Email Security, you get the best-in-class email security that delivers:

  • Spam & malware protection

    Provides 100% anti-malware and 99% anti-spam service level guarantees, removing threats in the Cloud before they reach your network.

  • Targeted threat protection

    Defends against malicious links, weaponised attachments and malware-less emails which form part of a new breed of highly sophisticated social engineering attacks. Provides real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect anomalies in the header or body of emails that could suggest fraud or social engineering.

  • Secure messaging

    Allows individuals to specify controls to protect messages, such as whether an email can be forwarded or printed, or when read privileges expire.

  • Secure large file sharing

    Allows employees to send and receive files up to 2GB in size to avoid the use of file sharing services outside your security and compliance control.

  • Data leak protection

    Scans all email communication, including file attachments, to detect sensitive content detection, such as customer lists and financials. Suspect emails can be blocked, quarantined for review by administrators or sent securely.

  • Advanced email signature & disclaimer

    Applies branding, signatures and legal disclaimers to emails to standardise corporate identity and company messages.

For more information and practical tips on improving your email security, read our guide: How to identify and protect against the latest email impersonation attacks.

Would your employees fall for a phishing attack?

Your employees are your best form of defence when it comes to cyber security. This is where a phishing simulation can help. Phishing emails are responsible for 94% of ransomware.

By using a phishing simulation, you can test and educate your employees to avoid them falling for a real phishing scam.

To find out more about how you can implement a free phishing simulation, contact PCR Connected today.